Development cable pulling winch

Dromec BV has developed a unique pulling winch with data logging. This pulling winch has been developed for sewer renovation, but is also very suitable for use as a cable pulling winch. Maximum working load is 4000kg at 5m/min. The winch is fitted with a gearbox with a slow speed (up to 5m/min), with neutral gear and fast speed (up to 50m/min). The pulling winch can store up to 380m of cable. The system is provided with a standard diesel generator, and is therefore also suitable for use with a standard mains voltage connection.

kabeltreklier met datalogging

Specifications pulling winch:

  • Working load up to 4000kg
  • Speed up to 50m/min
  • Ability to set maximum working load
  • Ability to set maximum speed
  • Stepless speed regulation
  • Stamping up to 2.8m wide
  • Freewheel setting for cable run-out (with light resistance)
  • End stop fully rolled out
  • End stop fully rolled in
  • Data logging
  • Touch screen control

Logged data is stored on a USB stick. The following details can be logged:

  • Distance fed
  • Current speed
  • Current force
  • Logging time
  • Force set
  • Speed set

All these details can be converted into a graph using a conversion program, including the log lines.

The cart is also provided with an equipment space. For increased ease of use an optional mover system can be fitted on the cart, which is driven by the generator.