Hydromec Assembly Center

In the late nineties, Dromec started importing motorgearboxes from Hydromec Italy.

In April 2015, Dromec changed from distributor into Hydromec Assembly Center. This means that almost all gearbox types can be assembled out of stock parts.

With this concept, Dromec can realize very short delivery times. Besides expanding our stock, we also started using a brand new gearbox configurator on the Hydromec site that can be used for creating 2D and 3D drawings in very short time, so customers can use these drawings directly in their own designs.

Dromec is Hydromec Assembly Center for worm, coaxial, shaft mounted and helical bevel gearboxes up to 5000 Nm. Besides standard gearboxes, Dromec can also build customized gearboxes with short delivery times because of our own engineering team and possibilities for CNC milling.