Spud pole winches

Dromec began developing and producing winches many years ago. These winches are available in both steel and stainless steel. The winches can be electrically, hydraulically or pneumatically driven. As Dromec has control of design and production, we can react quickly to changes in the market and to the specific wishes of our clients.

Spud poles have been employed to good effect on working ships for decades. In recent years, the advantages of spud poles have increasingly been felt in inland shipping too. The demand for spud poles for both new built ships as well as existing ships is currently very high.

Dromec has responded to this demand by investing in the development and production of spud pole winches. These spud pole winches are characterised by their simplicity and reliability. There are also various options available for the spud pole winch, such as a spindle end switch and a pressure roller. We will present various winches at the "Shipping & Construction" trade fair.

The testing of winches usually occurs by statically loading the winch with a force transducer. However, Dromec has chosen to be able to test winches dynamically too.

As such test apparatus is not available as standard on the market, Dromec has developed its own in-house test system for dynamic testing. Dynamic testing allows the winch to be tested in the same manner as it will be used in practice.

The lines of communication within the organisation of Dromec are short. This approach is greatly appreciated by the market, which has lead to the success of Dromec.

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