Business profile

Dromec BV, based in Rhenen, is a business where the emphasis lies in the creative use of technical know-how. Our principle clients are active in the industrial, maritime and agricultural sectors, and in the food industry. You will find our work in transport systems, product processing machines, packaging machines, installations on fishing vessels and in feed systems.

Communication is essential, most of all by listening to the client. We recognise your requirement for a team of motivated individuals who are ready to help you: enthusiasts who will gladly set to work on your problem in order to come up with a qualitatively excellent solution. We aspire to deliver a product that fits exactly in every situation and which delivers high performance, exactly as the client expects. This means tailor made solutions, which present a new challenge every time.

Our internal lines of communication are short; everyone understands what others are doing. This means that there will always be an answer to your questions, regardless of whether your contact person is present. That is part of our service. You're not just a number for us - you're a client who we are happy to serve.

Service is more than simply the sale, it is also includes maintenance and a speedy reaction in the event of any replacements being necessary. As such we always have strategic stock reserves present in our warehouse, so that we can help you immediately. This is your guarantee that you will suffer little or no loss of production time.

We wish to be the technical parter who you can trust and build upon. We are happy to state this, as we feel responsible for what we do. Optimally and with pleasure.