Electric motors

Dromec is an importer of ICME electric motors. ICME has more than 20 years of experience in producing small and medium-sized electric motors. ICME's strength lies in offering client-specific solutions. The range of standard motors is equipped with removable feet. The motor housing is constructed in such a manner that the feet can be mounted with the terminal box either above or to the left or right. This so-called "multi mount" provides for the availability of all electric motor configurations. ICME can also produce motors on request with non-standard specifications for power, voltage and frequency. The motors are supplied with CE approval as standard, although ICME also offers CSA and UL approval.

In addition to these "smaller" motors, we can also supply other motor types. Contact us to learn about the possibilities for your situation.

Three-phase motor

A range of aluminium multi-mount three-phase motors

Single-phase motor

2, 4 and 6 pole single-phase AC motors

Double winding motor

Motors with reversible polarity with separate windings or Dahlander wiring.

Brake motor

Motors provided with "fail safe" brakes


Client specific motors