Motor gearboxes

Dromec is an importer of Hydromec motor gearboxes. A Hydromec motor gearbox is constructed modularly. Both IEC and NEMA input flanges are available. The feet and flanges are modular and can thus be interchanged without the need to disassemble the motor gearbox. Specials are also available at an affordable price, even in smaller series. These include stainless steel hollow axles in the worm gearboxes, or axles with shear pin hole in the gearbox. The gearboxes are also available with ATEX certificate category 2 or 3.

Worm gearboxes

Turning moment up to 1500Nm

Coaxial gearbox

Turning moment up to 4600Nm

Bevel gearbox

Turning moment up to 4600Nm

Parallel gearbox

Turning moment up to 2100Nm