Speed variators

As as result of experience gained with hydraulic speed variators, Var-Spe has developed pumps and motors so as to produce a split variator. It should be noted that these variators can be delivered with an IEC and/or an NEMA connection.
The greatest advantage of a mechanical or hydraulic variator in comparison to a frequency regulator is the increasing torque with reduced rpm. In addition, a Var-Spe can be brought down to 0 rpm. See the chart for a comparison between the Var-Spe speed variator and a regulator. The great advantage of the Var-Spe variator in comparison to mechanical variators is the large adjustment range, reversal of rotational direction without switching the electric motor, and the ability to reduce rotational speed to zero. An important characteristic of a Var-Spe is that the internal oil pressure is directly proportional to the torque on the output axle. This also means that the torque can be read easily, and that it is simple to limit on the basis of torque. In short, a Var-Spe offers more than any other regulator. That which applies to a frequency regulator with regard to speed regulation and gearing down is also possible with a Var-Spe variator. The Var-Spe is a good solution for simple, robust regulation of rpm, but also lends itself to situations where electronic regulation fails to perform, or under extreme conditions. Contact us in order to test it in practice, and to discover all the possibilities of Var-Spe products.

Speed variator

New modular K series 0.25kW - 4.0kW or standard series 2.2kW - 22kW

Hydraulic motor

Hydraulic motor with IEC or NEMA connection

Hydraulic pump

Modular hydraulic pump for direct connection to electric motor or with solid input axle