Speed variator

The Var-Spe range can be divided into four different product ranges, based upon the same basic principle. There are 2 variator ranges: the light, modular K series (0.25kW to 4.0kW) and the standard series (2.2kW to 22kW). With the principle of the speed variator as a starting point, a range of pumps and hydraulic motors has been developed. The advantage of this is that the resulting design becomes even more compact, while retaining the features of the variator. This construction is also suitable for explosive and other dangerous environments.

A large range of modular elements for regulating rpm and torque can be attached to the variators and pumps. These can be either mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic. These include, for example, a hand wheel or handle, but also an electro-hydraulic system controlled by a PLC with a 4-20mA or 0-10V signal.