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Dromec developed self learning and predicting Active Heave Compensation Controls.
  • What do we see in the movie?
    • Switched in Active Heave Compensation  Mode & connected with a MRU (Motion Reference Unit) , this Dromec system can compensate wave movements on board of sea going vessels.
    • To approach the wave motion in a natural way, we build a small simulator equipped with a MRU and  programmed with it’s own variable wave sinus software.  
    • For indoor  testing of our ACH systems, this small simulator is used in combination with the MRU that later on will be installed on board of the ship.
    • All calculations and software is developed & tested by Dromec Winches BV.
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Dromec Testbench Daedalus test campagne

The objective of the Daedalus test campaign is to characterize the performance of a tether used in an airborne wind energy system (AWES) over its operational lifetime. The main goal is to produce a model of the residual strength of large diameter ropes that replaces the current tether lifetime model (cycles to failure) in the design and optimization of the future generations of Ampyx AWES. The Daedalus project specifically aims to produce tether wear by controlled and repeated cycling of a tether over a sheave. The cycled tether is then break tested to understand the residual strength.

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Dromec Roller Fairlead

Besides special winches, Dromec is also able to design and produce nice options as this heavy duty Roller Fairlead with outside dimension of 730 x 395 mm (LxH)

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