Advice and engineering

At DROMEC we go beyond designing, producing and supplying winches and drives. Our own engineers are constantly devising innovations. We come up with solutions for everyday problems. In recent years, for example, we have devised a smart solution for inland shipping: a rotating bollard head.

Consultancy and customization

Clients regularly come to us with a technical problem. Together we will look for a custom solution for the right winch, winch system and / or drive. For example, we have already delivered various custom-made winches for pulling offshore electricity cables, wind turbines, offshore projects, cranes, fully electric catch systems for commercial fishing, alternative energy generation, mining, inland shipping, etc.


Every project not only involves the production and assembly of a winch, but the real difference is made by the right controls. We use the latest techniques from Siemens, among others. With a custom control system from our engineers, you are assured of the right solution for your project.

Personal advice

Do you have questions about hoisting or pulling loads? An idea of ​​which you want to test the feasibility or just want to exchange ideas with one of our specialists? Then contact us soon!

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