Planetaire aandrijvingen / zwenkers

For the production of winch and winch systems, we appliy a lot of planatary gearboxes.

Because of using and testing this type of gearbox in the field and on our own testbench, Dromec collected a lot of knowledge about planetary applications. Because of that we are able to supply and advice you the best gearbox for your application.

Planetaire aandrijvingen / zwenkers
Max torque
4600 Nm
Ratio up to
680 : 1
Shaft diameter upto
> 280 mm


  • Available as inline, angular, winch, track, slew, yaw or pitchdrive
  • Including hydro or electric motor
  • Certificates and approvals optional
  • Torque range  3.620.000 Nm  and higher !
  • (Hollow) spline shaft, shrink disc,  full output shaft with met 1, 2 or 3 keyways
  • Oil coolers....
  • Several surface threathments possible including certificates
  • Including pinions
  • etc

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