Dromec winches for inland shipping applications

Dromes is constantly aware of developments in this descipline and are busy creating solutions to make you work more easy and safe.

Rotating Bollard

By using Dromec's rotating bollard,  mooring jobs on board will be safer, lighter and more fun.  During mooring this product beheave's  as a standard capstan but after your ship is correctly positioned against the quay, the mooring lines can be secured on the same head that provides a holding force of 15 mT.  Corrections during mooring or too much slack in the lines is solved by single push on a button (see demo movie below) More technical information can be found later on this page.
The EPK-5000 can be supplied with elctrical controls.


Compact wire anchorwinches, car crane & spudpole winches and more....

Specifically for inland shipping,  Dromec developed several products to make your work onboard more fun, faster but in particular lighter!

Wire Anchor winches

Wire Anchor winches

Dromec compact wire anchorwinch type: EWA-650-KB, delivery from stock!

Technische gegevens:

  • Workload : 650kg on 5th layer
  • Applicable for anchors up to: 450 kg
  • Holdingforce : 3500 kg on 1th layer
  • Cable speed : 10 mtr/min on 5th  layer
  • Cable capacity : 52 mtr ø14 in 6 layers
  • Protection class : IP56
  • Executed with: bandbrake and clutch    
  • Optional with capstan head
  • Or steel / Dyneema wire 
Car crane winches

Car crane winches

Dromec's latest universal car cranewinch:  EWH-990,  Available from stock !

  • Workload : 990 kg on 3th  layer.
  • Suitable for cars upto 1980 kg (double part cable)
  • Cablespeed: 6 mtr/min
  • Cable capacity: 37 mtr ø8 mm on 3 layers
  • Protection class: IP55
  • Including brake 150% SWL 
  • Easy installing under crane boom
  • Compact design
  • Drum and feet special anti corrosion threatment  
  • Options:
    Limit switch, Marine coating, Cable pressure roller
    IP 56, Frequency or relais controls, Wireless remote controls.
    Overload protection, Protection cover, Special color, Steelcable  ø8mm
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Rotating Bollard EPK-5000

Rotating Bollard EPK-5000

Technical data:

  • Workload : 5000 kg
  • Holdingforce: 15.000 kg
  • Cable speed : 6,5 mtr / min
  • Standard pipelength: 550 mm
  • Surface threatment: Pipe in weldingprimer & head en cover in 2-layer RAL9005
  • This prduct needs to be welded in your shipsstructure !
  • Optional:
    Deviating pipelength
    Relay conrol with handheld, footswitch or wireless remote control.
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Wire  anchorwinches   ECA-1500/ ECA-2200 / ECA-3500

Wire anchorwinches ECA-1500/ ECA-2200 / ECA-3500

Dromec's latest design wire anchorwinches  type: ECA  

Following models are available:

  • Workload 1500 kg / 2200  kg / 3500 kg on 1th layer
  • Holdingforce approx:  factor 3x workload
  • Cable speed : 10 mtr/min on 1th layer
  • Cable capacity : depending on model
  • Protection class: IP56 TENV
  • Incl: manual bandbrake and clutch     
  • Optional with capstan head
    - steel cable or Dyneema wire.
  • Also available with 2 or 3 cable drums!
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Also this line available with 2.........

Also this line available with 2.........

or 3 cable drums !

or 3 cable drums !

Dromec coupling winches

Dromec coupling winches

Available in following executions:

  • Hand, elektric or  hydraulic driven.
  • 12 up to  60 ton holding force
  • Optional with relay controls
  • Soon you find here all models including datasheets and drawings !
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Spudpole winches

Spudpole winches

Most spudpole winches are designed and build based on customer requirements, equipped with our unique brake locking system. This system makes it possible to pay out cable during transition from high to low tide. 
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