Recovery winch for Deep Sea Mining ROV

22 september

Sometimes our customers need winches so big, we have to call our friends from De Meyer Belgium for help during assembly & transportation.

Please meet Dromec’s EPH-25000-EOGPFY

Recovery winch for Deep Sea Mining ROV (Remotely  Operated Vehicle) 

Some facts:

  • 5.500 mtr ø 50mm umbilical capacity in 4 layers
  • 25 mT hoisting capacity on 4 layers
  • Nominal speed 25 mtr/min.
  • Outside Dimensions (LxWxH) : 12,6 x 9,0 x 9,30 mtr.
  • Weight: approx 148 mT

Equipped with:

  • Complete winch control & monitoring system
  • Heave Compensation
  • Constant Tension
  • Remote controlled by belly pack & ships command center

Also take a look at De Meyer Belgium

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